Who Are We


The Tour Operator Ecoturin Adventure was created on July 13, 2004. This company is the dream of a family, which was led by Patricio Vallejo Hidalgo, encouraged the love of nature and adventurous spirit which has guided their children to continue with the idea of showing a unique and wonderful country.

Ecoturin want them to extend their expectations to the highest natural expression that can really be such a pleasant experience to be counted as a trip to a South American country that makes you an incomparable happiness.

We have all permits certificates of Tour Operators.


Satisfy the interests of our customers by offering our personalized and unique quality tourism services.

  • Promote all natural resources and beautiful landscapes that comprise the Ecuador
  • Put in the eyes of unique destinations and hidden world which are not being promoted.

All our activities are conducted with relevant environmental impact studies and mitigation measures due, in addition to this we maintain very seriously and honestly with the commitments made to our passengers.