-Amazon Basin-


AMAZON RING TOUR                                                                                                                     

6 Days / 5 Nights

The Ecuadorian Amazon covers an area of  120,000 km2 on the western edge of the Amazon basin and much of it is still covered by lush rainforest.

Among the main attractions of the Amazon, found great diversity of flora and fauna, a variety of ethnic groups and protected natural areas like the Yasuni National Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which among others is part of the great system National protected areas of Ecuador. The main tourist route is the Napo River, the largest tributary of the Amazon River.

The Amazon ecosystem, particularly its tropical rain forest, is considered one of the richest habitats and plant and animal complexes in the world. As the planet's largest forest region, the Amazon is also extremely important as the largest producer of oxygen. The variety of macro and micro habitat is astonishing, from lakes to swamp forest land that seems endless.

The tour continues up to the Andes again to visit the central part of the country called Baños de Agua Santa Characterized for its hot springs, waterfalls, adventure sports, volcanoes etc.